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Guidelines for Uniformity of Color

Dress and Grooming Policy # 5511


A safe and disciplined learning environment is vital to a student's education. It has
been documented that young people who feel safe and secure and who understand
the essentials of good citizenship can become more successful students. It is the
belief of the Lake Ridge Board of School Trustees that requiring uniformity of color
in dress will help create a more positive educational environment, free of the
distractions that lead to various discipline problems. Uniformity of color in dress
can also:

A. Help parents and student resist peer pressure,

B. Reduce gang influence,

C. Enable students to concentrate on their school work,

D. Promote self esteem, and

E. Reduce clothing expense.

It is the responsibility of parents to have their child dressed appropriately for school.
We believe that good grooming and proper attire have a positive effect on one's
ability to learn. Dress guidelines are subject to change/revision with School Board
approval. These guidelines are not all-inclusive. Attire that is determined to be
dangerous or disruptive to the learning process will not be permitted. The school
reserves the right to make this determination.

General Guidelines

A. All clothing must be of appropriate size and fit neatly.

B. No inappropriate writing or logos (i.e. alcohol, drugs, smoking
materials, profanity, etc.) are permitted. Lake Ridge school spirit
wear may be worn regardless of color.

c. Outer garments which include coats, jackets, and hoodies are not
acceptable dress in the building during the school day and must be
left in lockers or assigned areas.

D. Hats, caps, scarves, gloves, sweatbands, or sunglasses are not
permitted to be worn in the building.

E. Clothing that is intentionally distressed or has holes or rips is not to
be worn.

F. Articles of apparel, clothing, jewelry, or accessories that present a
hazard or are distracting to the individual, other people, or property
will not be permitted.

G. Individual schools will determine "spirit days" as deemed
appropriate for each school.

H. Dress guidelines are subject to change/revision as administration
deems necessary.

I.  School administrators may determine if a student is meeting the
Dress and Grooming Policy 5511.


A. Must be solid red, white, or black and be turtleneck, dress,
crew-style tee shirts, or collared polo shirts.

B. Shirts must have either long or short sleeves.

C. No inappropriate writing or logos (Le. alcohol, drugs, smoking
materials, profanity, etc.) are permitted. Lake Ridge school spirit
wear may be worn regardless of color.

D. All shirts and tops must be of an appropriate size and fit. Shirts
and tops may be open no lower than three inches below the collar

E. Any material that is sheer or lightweight enough to be seen through
will not be permitted.

Sweaters/ Sweatshirts

A. Solid cardigan (button or zip), crew neck sweaters, pullovers and
sweatshirts without hoods are permitted in red, white, or black.
Hoods will not be permitted on any garment.

B. No inappropriate writing or logos (Le. alcohol, drugs, smoking
materials, profanity, etc.) are permitted. Lake Ridge school spirit
wear may be worn regardless of color.

Pants/Slacks/ Shorts/Capris/ Skorts/Skirts/ Jumpers/Dresses

A. Must be khaki or black.

B. Pajama pants and blue jeans are not permitted.

c.Shorts, skirts and skorts must be no shorter than fingertip length.

D. Pants must be worn so that undergarments do not show.

E. Leggings may be worn only in solid uniform colors (khaki, or black)
and must not be see through or revealing.


Flip-flops or any shoe that is worn backless or without a back strap may not be
permitted. Sandals with back straps are acceptable.


Students will be required to dress in the appropriate clothing as designated by the
Uniformity of Color Policy. Failure to follow the policy will result in the student
being disciplined for insubordination by not following school rules. The discipline
will be progressive in nature and become more severe if the student continues to
violate the uniformity of color policy.

Information Dissemination

A. Each school shall communicate to parents information specific to
the individual school sites, including types and colors of uniform.

B. Information about Uniformity of Color Policy and Guidelines is
available on the district and school websites, social media and at all
school buildings and the Central Office.

C. It will be the responsibility of District administrators and/or the
Superintendent to adequately communicate to parents information
common to all participating schools, including general guidelines for
enforcement of the uniform policy. District administrators shall also
work with schools to facilitate implementation of fmancial assistance

Financial Considerations

Each school shall work with staff, the local school community, and business
partners to identify resources for assisting families.

Compliance Measures

A. Disciplinary action is to be initiated only after all other means to
secure support and cooperation have not succeeded. A "progressive
discipline" approach is to be employed by the school support staff so
as to encourage full and consistent compliance with the least
amount of disciplinary action. The same disciplinary actions
applied to enforce other school and District rules may be utilized.

B. No student shall be considered noncompliant with the policy in the
following instances:

1. when a student wears the uniform of a nationally-recognized
organization such as the Boy Scouts or the Girl Scouts on
regular meeting days

2.  when a student wears school-approved clothing on "spirit"

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